Spent some time at Best Buy Canada as their UI Designer. It was an incredibly fast-paced environment with tons of multitasking of projects and crucial time management skills. It was heavy in production, translating into lots of code and designs, worked with 50+ people in various departments,  and finally passing the work over to our clients such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Bose, Canon, GoPro, and many more.

Challenges at Best Buy

  • Attention to detail was absolute. Forgetting a forward slash in a closing tag or missing a colon in a declaration could end up breaking the entire website.
  • With the nature of the fast-paced and rapid-changing environment, the ability to consistently and efficiently producing good work was a must.
  • Effectively communicating with a long list of vendors and stakeholders on a daily basis, with a large number of projects on the go. 


Designed and coded Best Buy Canada's website, microsite, and app in a weekly basis using front-end code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).


Developed a ton of marketing banners and product buying guide articles. This was all done with global brands such as Samsung, FitBit, LG, and many more.


Assisted in developing Best Buy's annual Black Friday 2014 SEO page for increasing conversion and awareness of the Black Friday Sale through front-end coding. This was an important responsibility and task since a major surge of their revenue relied on the sales made during the Winter Holiday season (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, etc.). We implemented a countdown clock as well by using JavaScript once it was one week away from Black Friday for our customers. At Black Friday, the page would have a link to our Black Friday deals.